WebSmith Cloud Email Sync+ will not only sync your email, but also your contacts and calendar events in real time while adding a powerful Cloud Drive!

WebSmith Cloud Email Sync+ adds Mobile Sync and a powerful Cloud Drive to your Email mailboxes. Microsoft Exchange is the most renowned messaging and collaboration server in the world. The Microsoft exchange server is the driving force for all the e-mails and information sharing features of MS outlook. WebSmith Cloud Email Sync+ provides the full calendar and contact syncing of exchange with the ability to choose smaller mailbox sizes for a more cost effective fit for your company. It's packed with features Lets take a look ot some of the features:

25GB WebSmith Cloud Email with Mobile Sync+ of mail, calendars, and contacts
30GB Cloud Drive with Desktop Sync of files
Microsoft® compatible online editors for Documents and Spreadsheets
Of course, you have our 100% uptime guarantee

What about that meticulously crafted PowerPoint? Or that well written Word doc? Don’t forget all of that insightful analysis you did with Excel. Shouldn’t you protect all of that hard work the same way you protect your email? You need to know that your important files will be there when you need them, where you need them.

Now it’s easier and more affordable than ever for you to securely host your files in the cloud with a single trusted provider.

Your price for WebSmith Cloud Email Sync+ is only $4.00 / user / month.


Key Benefits

A Copy in the Cloud means your small business will never have to fear losing files due to a lost, stolen, or ruined computer. Everything is always backed up in our data centers, protected by bank level security.
Anywhere, Anytime Access gives you access to your files no matter where you are, on the web, Mac and Windows.
Oops Proof Storage protects your files by keeping versioned backups in case a file is ever deleted or overwritten by accident.


Backup & Retrieval

Your data is securely backed up. Easily recover mailbox folders for up to 14 days. Restore an entire deleted mailbox for up to 30 days. Restore charges apply.

Need long-term email retention? Try Archiving.

Cloud Email Archiving

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Chat, Phone and Email Support

Your administrators can contact our Support team 24x7x365 by phone, chat, or Email. We're always here to help. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.



Spam & Virus Protection

Spam used to be annoying. Now, it’s dangerous. As many as 75% of businesses report virus infections from incoming email. Keeping the spam menace out of your organization is not an easy or cheap proposition. The software licenses alone are costly. Add to that constant maintenance to ensure protection against emerging threats.

WebSmith Cloud Spam Filtering

WebSmith Cloud Virus Protection


Easy Migration

Ready to make the move? A WebSmith Cloud member will walk you through setup or have it done for you at only $50 per box.

WebSmith Email Migration Services


WebSmith Control Panel

Complete online control over your hosted email environment. Get all the benefits that a hosted email environment has to offer, without the work of managing it yourself.


Get the Most Out of Outlook

With Microsoft Outlook on the WebSmith Cloud, WebSmith Cloud Email Sync+ works for collaboration, shared calendars, tasks, and contacts and your Inboxes won't overload on photos, videos, and other large file attachments we offer more than twice the attachment size limit of other providers.

Outlook 2016 or later required for WebSmith Cloud Email Sync+.