Monday, 03 February 2014 00:00

Unless you live in a vacuum you've heard about cyber-attacks or web site getting HACKED!

I won't mention names, one of our clients were hacked this week, like each of us - busy running our own companies, the last thing they wanted was a complete disruption of their business! It's terrible, it's disrupting, and it's just not fair!

It can happen at any time, and it can happen to you. There are 9,500 websites that are blacklisted on a daily basis due to malware infection, many are shutdown. Statistically 4% to 20% of websites get infected each year, websites just like yours and mine.

People ask "why me"? In most cases it's just unlucky to be one of these shutdown sites. There's not usually a person actually working on hacking your site, what they do is write scripts that go out and search for a certain type of program, a form, a blog, and many other parts that are in everyone’s website. They come up with a way to inject code and HACK with this script - it's sent out on the search and if your unlucky, it finds your site latches on, injects some "phone home" code and then the phishing begins... Trust me, it's not good old fishing, it's a technique used to trick people out of their passwords!

Bottom line - hackers are out there, you should protect your home computers, your website, and databases. Everyone has heard of protecting home computers, but just how can we protect our websites?

First, you should be hosting with us (yes I'm biased) - we offer state-of-the-art cloud hosting and it's harder to hack updated new platforms.

Second, you should update your site with the latest versions of your software - if it's older it's easier to get hacked.

Third, I recommend backing up your site at least monthly that way should anything happen the worst case would be rolling back 30 days - no big deal! Oh, if you have a CMS site like Joomla or WordPress you'll need to back up the databases too.

Finally, a security monitor if you really want to cover yourself, these monitor your site hits on an individual basis and can challenge the user (or script) if certain telltale signs of a hack occur effectively blocking the attack!

Remember since big guys like the NY Times and eBay get hacked you'll have to realize nothing is foolproof - a simple backup can keep you from having your back up against a wall!

Contact me for anything, really - I look forward to your email or call!