Monday, 06 May 2013 04:03

5 things you should never do on your website! Autosound - Okay this has to be the most

Last month we went over Windows 8 and what was the future for Windows.  This month I have 5 things you should never do on your website!

1. Autosound. Okay this has to be the most annoying of them all. Ihate going to a site that instantly bombards you with a music or sounds, whether it be on the actual website or from one of the adverts that is on the site. Don’t… I know you love that 9th symphony - your vistitors won't. For me, I'll likely hit the BACK button!

2. Pop-ups. Again, if I go to a site that starts bombarding me with pop-up,s I’m going to leave quickly. Pop ups are distracting and cause the visitor to look and think about something other than what they originally came to your site for.

3. Slow load times. Now, I pay a lot for my high speed internet and your slow loading pages are not helping my patience - Ummm, I'm outa here!  What should you not do that causes this???

4. Too much ‘stuff’ happening. Back to the web design… Make it clean and crisp, as well as the navigation. Things like flaming logos, 360 degree twirling globes, animated GIF advertising in all colors… I have no idea where to look first so I look for the BACK button fast!

5. Poor navigation. This has to one of the worst errors you can make. Navigation needs to be intuitive, descriptive and straightforward. It has to be said at this stage that Flash-based sites tend to be among the worst for this as they don't work on all browsers - so, if you can't layout your navigation I'm not going to figure it out - another visitor bites the dust!

Oh, anotherone that should topthe list ....For those of you who work with Pam as our copywriter,her worst one would be:

Typos.Attention to detail, if you can’t be bothered to check for typos and use poor grammar, you really aren’t sending the right signals to your customersthat you care. There are no excusesfor spelling mistakes on a website. What kind of message does that give out?Unprofessional, fly-by-night, and the like come to mind!

Alittleeffort goes a long way.Ifkeeping your visitors on your siteis your goal, then avoid my top 6 things never to do on YOUR web site!

As usual, if you have questions or if there is anything we can do to help you with your business, website, email, or even to help you with changing or proofing your web site - we are just a phone call or email away!