Did your Word Press site crash after you clicked update? Is your site down or broken because of a theme update or new plugin update? Or, are you coming here to have it done correctly because last time something went awry when you clicked update

In any case, we can help - with year of professional Word Press experience, and hundreds of Word Press clients we can fix your site or upgrade it correctly! Seems so simple when that little red number pops in next to your updated button in the dashboard or the Plugins button in settings. All you have to do is push the button right?

NO! There are necessary steps required to complete a successful upgrade of one plugin let alone 7 or more... So, let me take you thru the steps and you decide if you can do it or would like to have us do it for you.

First of all you should choose a day and time when your site will have the least (lowest) traffic. For most sites this is in the evening, but that's not always the case - pick a time that right for you. Then, follow the steps in this order:

1) Back Up Your Site

Without a proper back up should something go wrong you will have no safety net - so, backing up will keep your back from being up against the wall!

  • Back up the database of your site.
  • Back up your themes and plugins.
  • Back up your site content VIA FTP.

It is not necessary to back up the uploads folder (inside wp-content), nothing in a WordPress update will change your uploads folder contents.

2) Turn Off Caching

Deactivate your caching plugin to ensure that you aren’t caching maintenance pages during the updates and that they are not interfering with the update process.

3) Update Plugins and Themes

Often, WordPress updates are accompanied by plugin and theme updates. Developers usually ready their plugins to be compatible when updates are release so, we recommend that you update all of your plugins and themes before you upgrade WordPress..

4) Update WordPress

Now it is time to update WordPress itself! Just click the automatic upgrade button and let WordPress do its thing.

It can take a few seconds up to a few minuets to complete, so don’t get worried if it seems to get stuck, give it at least 10 minuets before you start to worry!

5) Reactivate Your Caching Plugin

Reactivate your caching plugin and clear out/purge the cache.

6) Test Out Your Site

Take a minute to look over your site and visit a few pages and posts. If something isn’t working properly, it is best to know now rather than being told by a client the next day!

Contact us for a no obligation quote to update your WordPress site.