OWA 2013 or Outlook Web Access 2013 is the latest and greatest way to access your mail WebSmith Cloud Exchange account!

Would you like to use OWA 2013 to setup your iPhone or iPad the quick and easy way? Sure you do - lets get started. To start, go here: https://webmail.gotowebsmith.com/ to log into your OWA Cloud account.

Once you are logged in go to settings on the top right of your screen and select options. You'll see this screen:

Click Setup your iPhone and fill in the following screen (I set mail to keep to NO LIMIT) and click send:

Alsost majically you will receive a text on your phone in just a moment or two that looks like this:

Click the Install button and then Install Now on the following screen to confirm:

To approve with your phone enter your phone security code (if you have one set):

You are almost done, just enter your password for your WebSmith Cloud Exchange account here:

Finally, you'll see the following screen showing you are fully secure and verified, you are now ready to use your mail on your phone!